Find Your Right Fit- Draft

Let us help you find the perfect fit!

Buying jewelry online doesn't need to be daunting! It's actually super easy, especially when you know your size, and preferences. We've put together a quick and easy guide to help you find your ring size, wrist measurements, necklace preferences and more! Let's get going!


Finding Your Ring Size 

We offer 2 different types of rings here at Rose and Clay- adjustable rings, and sized rings.

- Adjustable Rings -

dainty golden ajustable ringAdjustable Rings are just that- adjustable! When firm pressure is applied they can increase or decrease in size depending on your needs. Every adjustable ring product will have a size range recommendation in the description, make sure to take a peek at that and make sure your size falls within the range.

   - Sized Rings -

women putting on gold braided ring

Sized rings are any rings that have a fixed circumference. When purchasing a sized ring it is important to know what size your finger is, so you can choose the correct fit. -- It is important to note that most people have a different ring size on each of their fingers, so make sure you find the measurement for the correct finger you plan to wear the ring on!

How to Measure your Finger at Home

You can easily have your fingers sized at any fine jewelry store, or buy buying a sizing tool online, but we wanted to create an even easier way for you. Print this digital guide and ring sizer to create a DIY measuring tool for measuring your fingers. 

***Digital Guide coming soon***


Finding Your Bracelet Size

While we design all of our bracelets to fit most adult womens wrist sizes, you may want to double check that that cute bracelet you're eyeing really will fit your wrist well. Or maybe your just curious to see how your new bracelet will fit- like how tight it will be on your wrist, or how much slack it will have? Let's talk about how to measure and envision your new bracelet on your wrist.

Measuring Your Wrist Size 

The easiest way to do this would be if you had a fabric measuring tape lying around the house. But if you don't have one of those, grab out a ribbon, string, or something similar and place it around your wrist. Grab with your finger where the ribbon meets each other on your wrist, and take it to a conventional ruler or contracting measuring tape, and measure what that distance was. 

If you want to envision how a specific bracelet from our site will fit, simply follow those steps in reverse. Find the bracelet length (found in the description of each of our product listings) measure it out with a ribbon. Take that ribbon and place it around your wrist so that the two ends meet. From there you will see exactly how that bracelet would fit on your specific hand!


Picking Your Perfect Necklace

- Envision the Necklace On You

coming soon

- Finding a Necklace for a Specific Neckline

If you are looking for a necklace to go with a specific top or dress, we always recommend you try on and first deciding where you want the chain or pendant to sit on your collarbone. Then follow the same basic steps as above: taking a measuring tape, or string, or ribbon, and drape it around your neck- having the start and end of the ribbon where you would want the pendant to lay on your chest. Once you have decided what your ideal length would be, go shopping through our necklace options and make sure your pick has a chain length that allows for your perfect fit!