A Seed is Planted
S Stacy Johnson Clason

A Seed is Planted

Hello, Rose Buds! Welcome to The Rose Garden, our new blog! Here we will chat about all things women. Y’all know that Rose & Clay is about making women feel beautiful inside & out, so now we are including a blog to help inspire women, enhancing their vision with a little help from our rose colored glasses to see their beauty from within. We are tossing out societal beauty standards and leaving them in dust! From now on, beauty is defined by you. It can be that sparkle in your eye, kind words on your lips, and the glow of self-love—a nod to the queen, Audrey Hepburn—kind of beauty! 

Hepburn quote

And of course, we’ll include our beloved Rose & Clay accessories & how they can brighten up you & your KILLER outfit, whether you are in sweat pants or a dress. You are killing it, rosebud!

So come one, come all, to our blog The Rose Garden! We are going to have how tos for styling your hair with Rose & Clay accessories. We are going to cover outfit inspiration! We’ll have garden parties where we spill the tea on self-love & self-care. We are going to have behind the scenes exposés to help you get to know our Rose & Clay friends and associates. We will set intentions that inspire and motivate us. There will be gift guides, q&as, and lots of self-love talk. Have we mentioned the self-love part yet? Most importantly, there will be a community of women uplifting women. In a world that has tried and still tries to tear down women, we strive to lift you up, celebrate you, and make you feel like the beautiful woman that you are.

Since we all dread Mondays, we thought it would be fun to give you a little ray of rosy sunshine by posting a new blog every other Monday. Two mondays out of the month you will have something to look forward to! Woop woop! Aaaand there might be some surprises included with some blog posts, maybe it’s a discount code, maybe it's a gift card, a riddle, a puzzle, or maybe it's a bunny! We sure do love our Rose & Clay mascot, Opal!

Opal the mascot

So, Rose Buds, it’s time to put on your rose colored glasses and join our mission in creating a community of women uplifting women. We love you, Rose Buds! Stay tuned for the fun that’s to come!

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