Our Story

Hi! We are seriously so happy you're here!

Meet Kelsey, our founder and designer here and Rose and Clay.

She never imagined she would become an entrepreneur but life sometimes has other plans for you. Rose & Clay was was born during the pandemic, as Kelsey had the need to let out some creative energy and find a hobby during lock down.

She google searches:  how to make clay earrings

Humble beginnings for sure- our first collection launch was over instagram having close friends commenting to claim and jewelry designs they wanted to purchase. From there we slowly made upgrades to a website, to a work desk, then to a dedicated jewelry studio. As the business grew, we started growing our product offerings to new types of earrings, necklaces, and a huge variety of hair accessories, and branched out beyond polymer clay for our creations.

Even though our jewelry is no longer predominantly made with clay, the name as just stuck, and I love how it pays homage to our roots!

(More about our brand name here.)

baby plays with mothers necklace

Now Rose and Clay has grown to a full jewelry studio in my home, and we now have a small but mighty team of 3 other lovely ladies helping to make things run smoother around here. 

Rose and Clay jewelry is also now being sold at 8 different boutiques and retail locations throughout the U.S. , and we hope to see that continue to grow!

More info for interested retailers here.

Since the beginning, we have strived to create beautiful and unique pieces with one main purpose in mind - to help women feel beautiful. We are constantly inspired by nature, florals, and all things feminine, romantic, and ethereal. But above all I am inspired by YOU. Our brand mission at Rose and Clay is to create jewelry that helps women FEEL as beautiful as they ARE, every time they put it on.

As I am sure most women can relate (unfortunately) we know what it's like to  struggle with poor self esteem and body image issues. But if there is one thing we know- its that the small things can make all the difference. Something as small, as a cute outfit, a good hair day, or cute pair of earrings, can really change your day. We want to create jewelry that gives you "good hair day" feelings! Something that makes you feel like you are living the best version of you!  Something that just makes YOU feel special (because guess what- you definitely are.)

Once again, we are so happy you are here! You are the reason we are able to do what we love! We seriously are on the edge of our seat waiting to see what you pick out for yourself. If you are new around here, a great place to start is our best sellers. It has some of our most popular (and some of my all time favorite) styles, so you really can't go wrong with any of those!

With love and petals,

        -Kelsey and the Rose and Clay team