Help for Sensitive Ears

Finding earrings that work well for sensitive ears, can make all the difference on the comfort when wearing your earrings. If you have ever had an allergy or sensitivity to earrings, we understand- and it is the absolute worst! So let's chat about what metals to look for and avoid in your earring buying process!

How to know if you have an allergy-

It can be a little different on everyone, but most of the time a metal allergy will manifest itself as a rash, bumps, inflammation, or intense itching. These symptoms can come in varying degrees of severity, and and can develop the first time contacting allergenic metals, or after years of exposure.

What types of metals to avoid-

The most common earring metal allergy is nickel. A lot of affordable/cheap jewelry pieces unfortunately use nickel as their base. This is because it is such a low cost material to work with. But at least for our company, using high quality metals that are nickel free is a non-negotiable. Because a nickel allergy is so common, we make sure that all of our earrings are always nickel free. So rest assured that if you have any general sensitivity, none of our jewelry or earrings will ever cause irritation!

The best metal options for sensitive ears- 

The least reactive, and therefore best metal for earrings, are titanium and stainless steel. Also great options are sterling silver, rhodium, and gold that is 14k or higher. It is important to note that the higher the carat grade for gold, the more pure it is and therefore the better suited it is for sensitive ears. (For example 18k gold is much better thank 10k). And as a general rule of thumb, if you have sensitive ears, never buy jewelry without knowing what metal that jewelry is. We are very proud of the high quality metals and materials we use and always will have it displayed in a product listing for you when shopping.