Caring for Your Jewelry

We have put together a quick. guide for the best way to take care of your new and existing jewelry so that it not only looks the best it can, but so it will also last longer!


Cleaning Your Jewelry

Lets face it, jewelry gets dirty! Luckily, its usually super easy to clean and have your jewelry sparkling all over again.

woman uses polishing cloth to clean jewelry

For gold filled, sterling silver, stainless steel, rhodium filled, and real gold plated jewelry, we recommend washing your jewelry with warm water and dish soap for 30 seconds, drying them completely, and then cleaning with a microfiber jewelry polishing cloth. That simple combination will have your jewelry SPARKLING in just a couple minutes!

For cleaning clay jewelry. In general we don't want to get clay wet, so we recommend using a microfiber jewelry polishing cloth on all metal parts and spot cleaning the clay with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. (keep in mind, a little rubbing alcohol goes a long way!)

Protecting Your Jewelry

The absolute best thing you can do to protect your jewelry, and get a LONG life out it, is to avoid getting makeup, hair products, sunscreen, etc... on your jewelry. Life happens, I totally get it! But some of those products have ingredients that break down the plating or other jewelry elements and make them look worn very quickly, OR it just makes your jewelry really dirty and you will have to clean it much more frequently. Our best suggestion is to try to put on jewelry and accessories after applying these products to avoid getting an excess of product on your jewelry.

The other best thing you can do for your jewelry is to avoid getting it wet! Unless a jewelry piece is gold filled or rhodium filled, or specifically designed for long term wear don't wear it in water. Let me explain why- Rhodium and Gold Filled jewelry is extremely high quality, and is the lowest maintenance material because of its high gold content (usually right around 100x more gold in it compared to gold plated jewelry)! Because of that very thick layer of gold, it has much more protection to tarnishing and scratching, meaning you can wear it in water without fear! (Shop our collection of gold and rhodium filled jewelry here).

If some water does get on your plated jewelry or clay jewelry, don't fear! All of our plated jewelry uses real gold and it certainly won't be damaged by getting we a couple times. Just dry it off using a towel or something similar as soon as you can.

Another thing you do to help protect your jewelry is storing them properly! Here, let me explain:

Storing Your Jewelry

In general, you don't want to store your jewelry in anywhere that things can rub up against them constantly. So leaving your jewelry at the bottom of your purse for a couple weeks is NOT ideal (but I know we've all done it at some point lol).

A felt lined jewelry box is one of the best places for your pretty jewels, or in some kind of hanging jewelry display. What we are trying to avoid in a jewelry box is something that allows jewelry to rub against each other, this causes extra wear on an jewelry, but this is especially true for jewelry with more clay and pearl elements. As long as you find some jewelry holder that keeps your jewelry from rubbing up against each other, you are good to go!

Traveling With Jewelry 

jewelry case filled with various gold jewelry pieces

 When traveling, be careful storing jewelry together. Many years ago I would throw all of my jewelry together in a ziploc bag before traveling and now I absolutely cringe at the thought! Of course we know that necklaces can get tangled like that, but also jewelry stored together while traveling can rub up against other jewelry pieces or metal and can scratch or damage more fragile jewelry components (such as pearls and clay). Packing them separate, or using a felt lined jewelry case, are great solutions. 

If you are looking for a high quality and affordable, felt-lined jewelry case, we offer one here