Rose & Clay's 2nd Birthday
S Stacy Clason

Rose & Clay's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to Rose & Clay Earrings!

Year two was a smashing success and quite an eventful one! Kelsey was able to wrap up her second year in business while giving birth to her first child. What a woman!

We wanted to do something special for this blog article, and I thought we would do a sort of year in review. Let’s go back one year and take a look at our favorite collections, pieces, moments, and more! 

It hasn’t been all rose petals and sensational smells. We’ve experienced quite a few irritable thorns and had to do some pruning. But all that hard work paid off. Now let’s enjoy the bloom of our efforts! ;)

May 1, 2021 - Birthday Collection

Rose & Clay’s first birthday was celebrated by the most magical picnic ever! I was lucky enough to be a part of it and it will be hands down one of my most favorite experiences in Boston and also with Rose & Clay. 

That yummy cake you all saw in the pictures was truly as delicious as it looked. We got to dig in after taking product photos. That’s where our two prominent models first met Kelsey. These sweet women were such a pleasure to meet and were so kind and inviting. These two pals you see all the time in product shoots had their first Rose & Clay exposé here, and a life long friendship was born!

June 26, 2021 - Seaside Collection

Rose and Clay launched its first ever necklaces in this collection! What a wonderful addition the Amelia Necklaces have been! The most sophisticated pendant ever! This collection featured a bold new move for Rose & Clay. One that we have been graced with ever since!


July 24, 2021 The Hoops collection

Alley-oop! Or should I say, Alley Hoop!! This was one of the most fun and spontaneous collections of this year and it was a slam dunk! Pardon my puns, I have the humor of a 40 year-old father. We had mini to large hoops with dainty clay wrappings or the collection of poppies in multiple different colors. Kelsey fulfilled our wishes to have the Poppy Hoop come in many different colors and boy we were thrilled! 

Sept 1, 2021 - The Celeste Collection

“Shimmering, Shinning, and Splendid…” may be the words to a famous Disney song but they perfectly describe Rose & Clays out of this world (get it, eh?) collection! The new stars, moon, suns, and constellation earrings, necklaces, and hair pieces rocked our world. While flowers may have been the original inspiration. Kelsey has shared with us before how much she enjoys the beauty of the sky. A little slice of heaven became wearable.


October 22, 2021 - The Fall Collection

When that New England Fall hit, we were not ready for the gorgeous colors to grace our view. We were even more not ready for the matching earrings, hair pieces, and necklaces to drop. The Rosette Dangle came back in TWO different colors and the Rosette necklace made its debut and is a crowd favorite. It is a Rose & Clay original that everyone needs in their wardrobe-a staple as some may say. Those demands for restock were high and those demands keep coming to the point that every restock needs a timer! 


November 6, 2021 - Second Inspirational Women Collection

November is the time to celebrate the women who inspire us apparently as it sure is for our Creator and Founder, Kelsey. She launched her first collection of inspirational women back in 2020 when life was still pretty bleak and uncertain. This ray of sunshine led us to remember the incredible women who made our world a better place, thus inspiring us to do the same. I’m so glad this became an annual thing because boy did we need that reminder of the world’s most influential women. Their work brings us inspiration. Kelsey’s designs brought to life their influence. Just by wearing the women behind the design inspires us to follow suit. I feel fierce and ready to do good when I wear my Diana Dangles. Those earrings perfectly capture Diana’s energy.


November 22, 2021 - The Holiday Collection

Jingle Dangles for days! This collection had a slew of studs and dangles that felt so magical to wear. The red, greens, and golds that were the stars of this collection added Christmas and New Years charm, while still being inclusive in design to fit any holiday celebration or for even a night out! This collection was a little dressier like how in some family traditions, holidays are a time for dressing up and getting new and nice outfits. It felt like I could wear any earring and hair piece from the collection and be the best dressed guest at Hogwarts Yule ball! 


January 12, 2022 - The Birth Flower Collection

January is a time of rebirth and fresh starts. Ringing in the New Year is a chance to start over. This collection came at the most boring and difficult time of year to inspire and lift our spirits. AND, Rose & Clay dropped a new product on us! BRACELETS!! Did you all do a little freak out like I did?! And these bracelets still incorporated clay in the most dainty and sophisticated way. The birth flower pendants on the bracelet are in a word: charming beyond all belief.

January 25, 2022- The Galentine’s Collection

I hope you were sitting down when you got the news of this launch. HOLY FREAKING COW! I mean galentines is THE day to celebrate female friendships, but this! THIS! This brought it to a whole new level. What a fun collection this was! Women are so cool and they deserve to feel cool and groovy and putting on a pair of earrings from this collection can do that to someone! The sparkle, the ruby red, the pink and silver hearts! All part of the hyping of women. Women are wonderful. This collection speaks to that kind of love we should show to each other, because c’mon. We totally run this world!

March 8, 2022 - International Women’s Day Collection

I love that this followed the Galentine’s Collection. A world wide day to celebrate the wonderful women around us who helped us become the women we are today. This collection may have been small but it celebrated the mighty female. We are proud to have the chromosomes that we do. We are strong. We are amazing.

March 19, 2022 - The Arcadia Collection

The magic does not stop! This was probably my favorite collection. I would love to know what yours were? Anyway. I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology and how fun it was to see the representation of those goddesses in the form of wearable art?! I loved every single piece of this collection. I was especially excited by all the dramatic dangles and threaders. Talk about feeling magical and powerful. Those pieces turn any outfit into high fashion. They also turn my mood around. They make me feel confident and proud of the person I am. This. is. Art!

April 15, 2022 - The Pastel Gemstone Collection

Our last collection before Rose & Clay’s second birthday. What a way to close out a thrilling chapter! This collection really made it feel like spring had finally sprung! It sure felt like it wouldn’t here in New England. These pieces are fun, spunky, and femine in such a new, fresh way. Just looking at these pieces inspires me. And, hold on. We have to talk about the clips!! I spent a long time debating which color I would get. And again, we are again surprised with these fun new products! I love that Rose & Clay has stretched itself to try new things. We have not been disappointed. Only thrilled and then empty pocketed, if you catch what I mean, ha! 



This last year I'm sure has had its ups and downs. I’m sure the business has felt that, too. Some bumps in the road have led to inspiration pieces that some of us cannot live without. The whole goal behind Rose & Clay is to help women feel beautiful. You don’t need to look a certain way or dress a certain way to feel that. But we hope that we inspire that within yourself. We hope you see yourself the way you are meant to be seen. You are beautiful inside and out. We are grateful that you have been part of our journey. Your journey is wonderful. You are wonderful. I can’t wait to see what inspirations come within this next year.


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