Springing into the '22 Accessory Trends
S Stacy Clason

Springing into the '22 Accessory Trends

Two women hugging, showing off matching bracelets, with the text over saying "spring 22"

April showers bring May flowers… or more specifically May Roses!

Blooming Buds! We're Back! 

What’s up Rose Buds?! We took a brief hiatus but The Rose Garden is back baby!! The winter months really put us into hibernation mode, but now that spring has sprung and the daffodils have bloomed here in Boston, it is time for this little garden to sprout some stuff! And by that I mean, our sisterhood talks will be coming back as will The Rose Garden fashion advice and self-care tips and tricks!

Since we had quite a whirlwind of collections drop with exquisite and new products, we will be pulling from all the recent collections in our first ever spring accessory trends run down!

Now, just a quick housekeeping note. The blog is now going to be a monthly ordeal. Yes, sad that it will no longer be bi-weekly, but this girl needs to follow her own advice and slow down a bit to avoid burnout. Things might change though, as they already have, so we shall see, no?

With that out of the way, let’s jump into the Spring ‘22 Accessory Trends!

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but these trending jewelry styles will always keep you feeling fresh, like a blooming rose garden! We are going to break these trends into two categories: Genres and Styles.


Bold & Bright Colors

So, there has been an uptick in bold and bright colors; hello 90s and 80s trend revivals! We see you! Bold, bright colors are IN, especially in large clay earrings. Just the other day at the store, I saw about three different women wearing large clay earrings that were in loud colors and it was a vibe! 

With spring finally coming to bloom, those bright and fun colors are coming into style with them! Spring sure does bring out the most stunning colors, so why not match the season by adopting bright and bold jewelry. Some of my favorites of this trend from Rose & Clay are the Floral Feminist in Lavender and Yellow (with a bold design, too), the Jumbo Hazel hoop in pink (such a vibrant pink), and not to mention all the fabulous hair clips including the Gaia and Iris hair clips!


Feminist Floral Hoops in Yellow & Lavender. Jumbo Hazel Hoop in Pink

Gaia Hair Clip & Iris Hair Clip in Rainbow Gemstones


Now, I am biased, but I have always loved pearls. I think that they are always in fashion because they are timeless. While they are timeless, I love that we’re pulling away from traditional pearl assembly in jewelry and how it is stylish to use pearls that aren’t perfectly round, but ones that have character. It is a trend that I hope stays for a lifetime because wow! River pearls have become quite the staple at Rose & Clay and here are few of my favorite designs: The Juliet Dangle (gold and pearl is just a chef’s kiss combo), and then the Adore Me Dangle (oh man that heart shape pearl has me fanning my face), okay and how could we not bring up the Phoebe Pearl Hoop?! It is out of this world! The Claire Pearl Bow Dangle is just a delight. It is the daintiest, and sweetest (if an earring can be described as sweet) earring I have ever beheld. And lastly, my most favorite is the innovative design and assembly of the Grace Pearl Hoop. It feels like contemporary art that actually makes sense and also speaks to my soul. 

From left to right: Adore Me Dangle, Phoebe Pearl Hoop, Juliet Dangle, Claire Bow Dangle, and Grace Pearl Hoop


Okay, now. I know gold is also timeless, but it is everywhere right now! And understandably because it is fun, yet at the same time classy. Gold goes well with every skin tone! If you disagree, then I am sad for you. It is an earthy and natural color, so theoretically it should go with everything. Even if you prefer silver, gold can be mixed and matched. Before you gasp and scream “liar,” I must say that they are both metallic, neutral colors and therefore are allowed to be mixed and matched. So don’t at me, but also if you don’t like mixing them, then don't! You do you, Rose Bud! 

You could always put gold and pearls together and you will be sparkling! Like, for example the Hera hoop or the Amphitrite Bracelet.

Amphitrite Bracelet

But don’t stop there! We have a slew of just gold necklaces and bracelets like the Hestia Bracelet, the True Love Gold-Filled Necklace, and the Kenna Gold Filled chain. Not to mention, most of our earrings are paired with gold hoops, chains, and backing.

True Love, Kenna Gold Filled, Hestia Bracelet

Quartz and Gemstone 

The uniqueness of marbling in clay is compelling. It creates an effect of a rare gemstone. No other piece is like another. The creation of these effects in clay cannot be replicated to exactness, and that’s what makes it unique and fashionable. We have a lot of this effect in our clay. Mostly in our hair clips like in our Aurora and Aphrodite hair clips. We have also added it to our dainty pendant style earrings and necklaces. A few examples include: Aphrodite in Rose Quartz, Kiara Hoop in White Lace Quartz, and Amelia Necklace in White Lace Quartz.


From left to right: Kiara Hoop, Aphrodite Hair Clip, and Amelia Necklace


Stacking Necklaces 

A trend that has been in for a while, but has remarkably stayed in and relevant is stacking necklaces. The layering effect is quite exquisite to look at and can turn a casual tee outfit into a night out kind of outfit. A few necklaces that work well stacked are: the Sabrina gold-filled necklace, the Sara gold filled necklace, and there are a few pendant necklaces that would work well to stack with any of the gold-filled necklaces like the Nyx, Persephone, and the Birth Flower Necklaces. Pendants and a simple chain combo creates quite the stunning effect. 

From left to right: Sara Gold-Gilled, Persephone, Birth Flower, Sabrina Gold-Filled, and Nyx Necklaces

Earring Chains/Threaders

We love a long silhouette and we love illusion. Chains and threaders create the illusion that there are more piercings than one, without having to have more than one piercing. Also, the threader takes an outfit up a few notches. Like, dancing at a ball level! Cinderella’s slipper has nothing on the Pandora threader. 


A few other favorites include the Enyo Threader, Athena Dangle, Demeter Dangle, and lastly, although not a threader, but has the same illuminating effect of threader is the Daphne Dangle.

Athena Dangle w/ Chain & Enyo Threader

Demeter & Daphne Dangle

Huggie Hoops

Hoops, oh man aren’t hoops one of the BEST jewelry innovations ever! And now, dainty huggie hoops have stormed the planet with its sweet energy and strong vibe. I can feel dainty and Bad A at the same time. It is the perfect everyday accessory! Here at Rose and Clay we’ve gone and innovated even further to make huggie hoops into a unique design like the Nike Hoop that looks like a laurel wreath and the Hera hoop that gives the illusion that you have two hoops at once and that one of them is covered in the tiniest, daintiest pearls ever! Truly an inspiring effect!

Hera Hoop & Nike Hoop

Springing Into Action

Well, that was our first ever trend run down! I hope you enjoyed it and were able to see these trends come to life and see how these trends work for you. Because it doesn't matter if you follow a trend. What matters is what you find works for you and what fits the you in the moment. I do have to say, though, it was quite the experience researching trends and quite fun to see how Rose & Clay has incorporated these trends into their brand.

So now that you are in the know, you may want to take a few of these accessories... I mean examples home with you! ;)

Stay tuned for more trends that Rose in Clay will exemplify but influence, I'm sure!

Rose Buds, it has been a pleasure reconnecting with you! I look forward to our next blog chat! Until then!



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