How to Master Necklace Layering
K Kelsey Sorenson

How to Master Necklace Layering

Rosebuds! (more like Rose Besties)

Things have been so chaotic around the Rose & Clay office (we're looking at you, baby Logan) which means blog posts have taken a back seat. But we are back and ready to talk about something that can make or break your outfit - Necklace Layering!

Necklace layering can be a tricky thing to master. How many do I use? How do I pair the right necklaces? What Rose & Clay necklaces should I buy to up my layering game? ;)

DON'T PANIC, we are here to help. These are our 5 laws of layering necklaces:

1. Use 2-5 necklaces

One thing you want to be really careful of us over-doing it. The goal of layering necklaces is for them to accent and compliment each other. Having too many necklaces will drown each other out and you'll end up seeing none of them! 

If you're unsure how many you want to have on, just add one layer at a time until you feel like you have a good look. Remember that sometimes less is more - and sometimes more is more!


2. Variety, baby!

When we say variety, we mean length & the type of chain and how much attention it draws. 

You want to make sure you have several different lengths so that every necklace can be seen. Experiment with chokers & pendants to make things super intersting!

Another great way to mix things up is to mix chain types! We have a lot of chain options in our shop for this reason (basically all of our necklaces pair super well with each other!). We especially love how the Delilah Necklace compliments every other necklace it's paired with!

And finally, do your best to to pair statement pieces with simple ones. Having one necklace with an eye-catching pendent or some stunning pearls is just enough to elevate your look without going too over the top.


3. Stick to one metal

Are you a gold girl, a silver lover or do you like to mix it up? (Personally, I can't get enough of gold). Similar to the fashion no-no of matching black with brown, pairing metals together can really prevent your outfit from having a unified look and bring down your aesthetic. Try to pair silver with silver and gold with gold.


4. Experiment!

Although we like to follow these general guidelines, don't be afraid to break the rules and make fashion history! Wear the things that make you feel like YOU. Whether that be more or less is up to you. <3


We love you Rosebuds and we can't wait to see how you start layering with your Rose & Clay necklaces!



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