Wearing the Celeste Collection
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Wearing the Celeste Collection

Hello there, beautiful Rose Buds! Welcome to the first official blog post of The Rose Garden! I hope these last two weeks went well and that you are feeling loved! 

As you know, our good friend & creator of Rose & Clay just dropped a new collection, the Celeste Collection! It's a beautiful array of starlight, sunshine, and crescent moons. It is so magical and awe inspiring, and so we are taking that inspiration and transforming it into outfit magic! Our first outfit inspiration post is coming to you now!! 

Before we begin, I need to note that the pictures depicting the outfits are not affiliated links. These outfit ideas come from OldNavy.com and PiperandScoot.com and are currently on their websites. We are not partners with them nor are we trying to sell clothing. It was my personal opinion to include current and in-stock outfits. This is because I hate it when I find something cute on Pinterest but it has been out of stock for two years and I wanted to buy it then. Alas, I will not put you through that same pain. I also chose to include these websites because both companies have done a good job having diverse models. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the endless possibilities of this Celestial Collection! 

“Night Out” Outfit Inspiration

Do you need a magical outfit for a night out? The Selene Dangle in Mother of Pearl, the Athena Dangle in Mother of Pearl, and the Constellation Pins can dress up any outfit, whether you're in jeans or a dress. 

Let's start with the Selene Dangle. This dangle has been around before but this mother of pearl clay truly feels like Kelsey picked some stars out of the sky to create this beautiful dangle. 

The coloration of the mother of pearl looks amazing with velvet, satin, or any fabric for that matter! It's a stunner with darker colors like indigo, navy, and black! But the wonderful thing about this earring is that it is universal; it would dress up something as simple as blue jeans and a pastel blouse. It can go with any color! It is deceiving because it looks simple, but it transforms any outfit. This dangle goes with fancy dresses, smock dress and jean jacket combos, and even simple puff sleeve tees like the ones pictured below.

Selene Dangle in Mother of Pearl with gold moon
The Selene Dangle in Mother of Pearl
from left to right: black dress with sheer puffy sleeves, maroon smock dress with jean jacket, and aqua puffy sleeve tee with black jeans

Thankfully, there are multiple products in this collection that have this stunning mother of pearl, including the Athena Dangle, as I mentioned before. So, whether you're feeling footloose and fancy free, about to dance the night away, or taking yourself out on a date, here are some ideas of how to wear this dangle! From a satin ruched dress to a utility jumpsuit and to a simple blouse, these dangles add a bit of starlight to your wardrobe.

athena dangle in mother of pearl, star moon star pattern
The Athena Dangle in Mother of Pearl
from left to write, teal ruched dress, maroon utility jumpsuit, white blouse and jeans
blank space 

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how magical the Constellation Hair Pins in silver are. Aren’t they absolutely jaw-dropping? Now I know you might be thinking “how and when would I wear these?” Have you ever attended prom, a formal dinner, a gala, or a wedding? Any event that requires a dress code of formal or semi formal means that this hairpiece is a must. The beauty of this piece is that it too is universal. Silver goes with so many colors! Think of a regal purple dress, or a navy maxi dress, even a flowy white summer gown. This piece will send you straight to the stars! 

star pins with a star chain connecting and a silver maxi dress

“Day In” Outfit Inspiration

We’ve covered nights out, but what about daily outfits for work, school, and play! Something we can start off with are studs!

We can’t forget studs, nor can we underestimate them. Studs are the basis of all everyday outfits, yet they still speak volumes. These Celeste Collection studs will make a statement. Even though their size is small, their shine is vast. In this collection we have the solar studs of the Avrill in Opal and Night Sky & the Solana Stud. We also have lunar pieces including the Luna in Mother of Pearl and Navy Night Sky, plus the Magic Moon stud in gold that is a shimmery masterpiece! 

Here are a few ideas of how you can mix and match these studs to make your outfit shine a little brighter!

  • Here we have the Magic Moon stud with some fun caramel pants and cream top.
shimmery gold moon studs and caramel pants with cream top

  • What about an unusual striped shirt? That goes well with our Luna Stud in Opal!
opal moon studs with pink and maroon striped shirt

  • Our Luna Stud in Navy Night Sky looks breathtaking with a light, textured gray shirt.
Navy Night Sky Luna Stud with light Gray Shirt
  • A black jumpsuit and simple cardigan mix matches well with either Avrill Stud! Both Night Sky and Opal!
Avrill Stud in Night and Opal with black jumpsuit

  • And finally, our Solana Stud has a sensational shine with a white denim jacket and a simple tee dress.
Solana Stud with green dress

Let’s not forget the Light the Night Mix and Match! This is a fun pair that can also be dressed up or down! This pair would be fun with dark colors, like the smock dress, or some vibrant colors like the cream jacket and peach pant combo.

Mix and Match earring hoops, star and moon with denim dress outfit

Magical Worlds Outfit Inspiration

I would like to close with my personal favorites of the bunch, which are the Zeus hoop and Stormie Huggie. It has the mystical vibes that take me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the adventures of Camp Half Blood. If you know, you know! These two earrings have inspired me to think of a bookish outfit from these two worlds. Book nerd alert!

Let’s step into my imagination in how I would wear this earring in the Wizarding World. Picture this: black jeans rolled at the bottom, black ankle boots, a simple tee and a cardigan with statement earrings, the Zeus hoop. It's your riding the train to Hogwarts outfit. 

Or, if we are headed to the kick-off bonfire at Camp Half Blood, I would sport a light blue and purple tie dye lounge set with the Stormie Huggie and white converse. Unfortunately, my imaginations have yet to be captured on camera. But, I hope these lightning bolt earrings inspire you and transport you to the magical world where you want to be.

two different lightning bolt earrings hoops

Wow. I feel like we’ve just been on an adventure with our exploration of night, day, and other worlds outfit inspiration. What a fun journey this has been! Thank you, Rose Buds, for joining in!

We all at Rose & Clay sure do love you and feel so inspired by you wonderful women. Your kind words and radiant smiles and personalities are so special. You inspire us and I hope these earrings inspire your style to make you feel like the rockstar you are!


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