Wearing the Fall Collection: Outfit Inspo
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Wearing the Fall Collection: Outfit Inspo

Hello there, Rose Buds! I hope you are all doing swell!

Spooky season has ended, but fall is in full bloom! Almost every leaf has started to change into those gorgeous red, orange, and yellow hues. And, we have an entire collection dedicated to that fall color palette! What a fun season to dress up!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I get cold easily, and it is really hard to look cute and stay warm. Thank goodness for accessories (and layers)! Also, really glad that sweats are in and are actually looking cute and flattering. Never be afraid of layering up. Besides, textures and layers look really good, like really good! 

This post is focusing on bundling up and feeling gorgeous. We are focusing on fall outfit inspiration, featuring our newest collection! I’m drawing from my favorites of the collection, but the ideas will be universal as they all come from the same palette! 

**Quick disclaimer. These outfit inspirations come from piperandscoot.com. We are not affiliated with them nor do we profit if you purchase from them. These are simply ideas we gathered.**

Dressing Up with Dangles

Let’s start with the dangles in the collection! We have quite a collection of flora and fauna in our fall lineup. We have the stunning comeback of the classic dangle/stud combo, the Eve Dangle. The green cascade goes well with browns, creams, rusts, and mustard. Here’s a quick idea of how to dress with the Eve Dangle.

We love the cascading leaves in the Eve, but how could we not love the cascading flowers that are the Wisteria Dangle in Rust Tones and Cream. Now, this earring is a stunner and matches the hues that are slowly spinning to the ground. There’s nothing like a match in cascading colors.

I don’t know about you, but I am digging the retro-ness of the Ginger Dangle. Yes to flower power! Yes to the tribute to the 70s. I'm here for it, and I can’t wait to dress up this dangle and have its vibe radiating off of me. Here’s how you can style the dangle! I love that sweats are in and cute! This would be great with this sweatshirt and jogger combo... OR that top with a brown corduroy skirt, and if it is really cold, tights could be a cute base layer!

Don’t we love a classic rose? And this Rosette Dangle in Cream and Rust has us all in awe. Simplicity can really help an outfit shine. But, I'm not calling this earring simple. Kelsey sure knows how much work goes into this design! But if you dress it up right, it can turn simple into elegant, just like it is designed to be as it could be a stud or a dangle. Something simple, either matching or contrasting would look great with this dangle!

Our purest and oldest design, the Kelsey Dangle, named after our lovely creator, herself. This earring can go with anything and everything. You won’t be feeling blue in this earring, maybe rusty or creamy (ha!). Here’s a cozy way to wear this pair!

The lovely Kamille Dangle has my heart and my eyes! No matter what you wear with this, people will be drawn to your ears. Just remind them where your eyes are after they ogle in jealousy! I do not believe there is a wrong way to wear these earrings, but here is how I would wear them, with a mostly solid sweater, with some fun add ons, just like this one pictured below.

Hoops on End!

You just can’t go wrong with a hoop. You really can’t. I have always been a fan of the hoop because it can keep an outfit casual, but also take an outfit to the next level. The Gardenia Hoop definitely takes your outfit to a whole other level, to a whole secret garden even! This garden party on your ears would look great with something a little simpler in design, like a simple patterned blazer/ coat with a floral top underneath, color complementing, of course.

Another fan favorite is the Poppy Hoop and we have two new colors! We have the Fall Marbling, which is GORGEOUS, and the cream. This earring is understated in how elegant it can be. I cannot brag enough about this hoop. I own several pairs of the Poppies, and they keep getting better! For the Poppy in Navy, I would go with a burnt orange accent, its complementary color in the color-wheel.

Now, this last hoop I want to highlight is the equivalent of grace, or maybe even Grace Kelley as an earring, and that is the Erica Hoop. Refined, polished, and demanding (of your attention) are all the words this earring reminds me of. Now, if I were to wear this earring, and I will, I would want it to be my night out earring. My party-going earring. Or even 1920s murder mystery party earring. Either way, you can't go wrong with a little black dress to highlight this hoop!

Studding it Up!

Let’s not forget how classic studs dress up an outfit, starting with the Forget me Nots in Cream, Rust, and Navy! You can’t go wrong with any of these colors. Studs can be so understated in how well they dress up an outfit. I could wear these everyday for the rest of my life and feel like a queen! This stud would do well with chunky sweater or even a sweater dress!

But wait, there’s more! There’s an entirely new stud to the Rose and Clay Collection, and that is the Fern stud in Moss. Simple, gorgeous, and elegant. This green is the perfect shade of green. It's the green that is left over after the leaves are turning, but there are still those stubborn few hanging on, creating a gorgeous contrast in colors. This is that green in a stud. So, lets contrast the colors in an outfit!

But Wait! The Others!

I promise I didn’t forget the Necklaces and the Clips, however, that may be for another time, but you know, c’mon, you know that any of these necklaces can be layered together and would match well with any earring in the collection. And that Rosette Necklace . . . what a gorgeous piece of jewelry! But, this is where I leave the imagination up to you. But we will visit the hairclips another time with a section on hair inspo! You read correctly! That’s right, we’ll finally be touching on hairstyle inspiration, so stay tuned!

Have a fantastic week you gorgeous blooms! We love you and wish you the best! Until next time, Rose Buds!


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