Rose & Clay

Mariposa Hoop in Gold


I've never loved a hoop earring more than I love this pair right now. Like, I'm honestly not sure how I will ever top these earrings--they are THAT GOOD. They are beautiful from every angle; there are butterfly wings on the back and the front of each hoop, which makes them eye-catching at every angle.

These earrings are 0.5inches in length. They are made with 16k gold-plated brass, and are nickel free. They are easy to put on and off, they are extremely lightweight (trust me, you won't even feel them on) and they're great for ladies with sensitive ears too!

Customer Reviews

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So Unique

I love these butterfly earrings! Although I love the gold style, I needed more silver jewelry and opted for these mariposas in silver. I’ve worn them a few times, and love the unique style. The stud clicks securely into place, then I adjust the earrings to comfort.

Oh my gosh these are so so cute on you! I am so glad you love them!

Kolbie W.
So Pretty

These earrings are so pretty. These are one my favorites.


I LOVE THESE EARRINGS. I'm usually not a butterfly person but there's something about these earrings that are so unique that it's hard not to fall in love with them. They're super flattering on the ears and they just make my entire outfit look so cute. I would 10000/10 recommend these earrings!

Perfect Cute Everyday Piece!

Literally love these earrings! They are the perfect piece to wear with any outfit. They are also great quality and just adorable overall. Love them!

Naylee A.
A must buy!

These earrings are a MUST buy! They are sooooo cute and go with almost any outfit! They work for almost all seasons too! I love how they add a twist to a regular hoop and are super delicate and cute! I didn’t realize how much I’d like them until I got them! I haven’t gotten them yet but I hope to add the silver ones to my collection of Rose and Clay someday!